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New Products | CARPRO DarkSide, Release & ImmoGel

New Products | CARPRO DarkSide, Release & ImmoGel

Slim's are happy to announce that we are FINALLY stocking the NEW CARPRO products: DarkSide, Release, and Immortal ImmoGel! I think we're just as excited as you are...

Here is a run-down of the new releases!



CARPRO DarkSide is the NEW ready-to-use, highly concentrated tyre and rubber sealant. DarkSide’s 60% polydimethylsiloxane formula allows for a super quick and easy application with the brand's dedicated tyre or microfibre applicators, leaving a beautiful satin shine look. Needless to say, it is equipped with all of our famous self-cleaning, hydrophobic properties, as well as UV and chemical resistance, prolonging the new look of your tyres. Every quick application of DarkSide will last up to 3 months!


CARPRO Release

We’re happy to introduce CARPRO Release – the brand's first wax-based nano-sealant dedicated to the protection of fresh ceramic coatings during their drying period. Release is designed primarily for busy detailing studios and impatient detailers, who want to avoid the pains of ceramic coating drying times. Every coating requires a period of time, when water contact, bugs, and bird bombs have to be avoided. CARPRO Release mitigates that by protecting the coating, allowing freshly coated cars to fully dry without the wait. Release couldn’t be any simpler to apply, and it can also be used as a standalone quick detailer! How’s your work efficiency?
CARPRO Immortal ImmoGel
CARPRO Immortal ImmoGel is the brand new Immortal-dedicated concentrated PPF positioning lubricant. When diluted and sprayed over the PPF adhesive, its high viscosity improves moisture distribution and therefore allows easy positioning and squeegeeing with minimised risk of haze or spots after application. Combine it with the Immortal Squeegee Kit and experience PPF installation like you never have before.
CARPRO Immortal Squeegee Kit
CARPRO Immortal Squeegee Kit is a set of 5 PPF-dedicated soft squeegees in various shapes and sizes allowing easy access to all curves, corners, and gaps. Each squeegee has a built-in magnet, which allows it to be quickly stowed away directly on the car body as you work. The soft and flexible rubber, combined with a smooth edge design, prevent any scratches or marring.
A wise man once said: "If only you knew the power of the dark side. Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy...", and I think we may finally be coming to terms with the wise man Darth Vader himself - the villains are sometimes the forbidden favourites, and I think we have good reason for it now!
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