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Metal Polish

  • £4.96

    Premium Quality Steel Wool - Grade 00 (16 Pads)


    Premium quality steel wool pads - grade #00 fine, ideal for restoring original finish to aluminium trim and exhaust pipes/boxes. This is a very hig...

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  • £9.95

    Auto Finesse Mercury - Metal Polish (100ml)

    Auto Finesse

    New or old, it is likely that your vehicle will have some form of exposed metal. Whether it is in the form of a custom exhaust tip or a vintage oil...

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  • Meguiars Nxt Metal Polish

    Meguiar's Nxt Metal Polish


    The Meguiar's NXT Generation All Metal Polish has an advanced formula, which quickly removes built-up oxidation, tarnish and staining, leaving a pr...

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  • £16.80

    CARPRO Metallicut Intensive Metal Polish


    CARPRO Metallicut has been formulated to provide a fast cutting action with a high gloss finish safe on even the softest of metals. With diamond ab...

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  • £24.98

    Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish

    Chemical Guys

    So good even Lars Ulrich wouldn't say no... Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish restores the brilliant shine to your heavily oxidised metal work. The ...

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  • from £3.65

    3M Trizact P3000 Fine Finishing Foam Discs (75mm)


    3M Trizact P3000 Fine Finishing Foam Discs are made with a pyramid structure which contains multiple layers of fine grade abrasive mineral particle...

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    from £3.65
  • £25.00

    Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish

    Chemical Guys

    The lighter version of its big brother, Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish, Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish is ideal for removing light imperfection...

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  • £8.94

    Koch-Chemie MEP Metal Polish

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie Metal Polish has been designed to be an excellent polish suitable for use on all metals. MEP increases the natural gloss level as well ...

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Whether your vehicle is new or old, it is likely to have some kind of exposed metal. Whether that is in the form of a custom or regular exhaust tip, a vintage oil filler cap, or even the faces of a set of alloys. Bright work like this never deserves to look dull, tarnished or oxidised! Metal polish has been invented to bring life and shine back to those metal parts so that you can maintain their mirror-look year round. Chrome parts are a precious and important eyecatcher for every vehicle but, unfortunately, they are also very care-intensive. Metal work requires regular care because the thickness of the chrome coating often is very thin and tends to corrode quickly when neglected.

Our metal polishes come in a range of styles. We have light pastes such as Auto Finesse Mercury, liquid compounds such as CARPRO Metallicut, and harder pastes such as Swissvax Metal Polish. Most of our metal polishes are designed for use on all types of metal - including stainless steel, aluminium, and chrome. Metal polishes are super easy to apply by hand, simply add a few drops of polish to a microfibre pad and rub product into metalwork. Then buff using a microfibre cloth and use another clean cloth to catch any residue. Reapply as needed. It’s as simple as that! 

Some of our metal polishes such as CARPRO Metallicut can be applied with a machine polisher to provide a fast cutting action with a high gloss finish. Metallicut has a fast and effective formula that is safe on even the softest of metals. For use by machine, simply apply 6-8 drops of Metallicut to a firm foam polishing pad and spread on the surface at speed 1-2. Then increase to speed 4-5 to perform the cutting action until the abrasives are broken down and a high gloss is achieved. Buff off any residue with a clean microfibre towel and repeat as necessary!

At the higher end of our spectrum, for those with a bigger spending budget, we have Swissvax Metal Polish. This product cleans, polishes, seals, and protects all kinds of metal surfaces effortlessly and easily. It removes sediments, rust and oxidation thoroughly, efficiently and gently and also produces a high degree of gloss and offers effective long term protection.