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What is a clay lube? Clay lube is a specially designed liquid that help lubricate the surface of paintwork during the claying stage. Without the use of a lubricant, clay bars will leave marring on the surface of your paintwork. Clay bars have a naturally rough surface and cause high levels of friction when rubbed across the surface. The use of a clay lube ensures the safe removal of further contaminants after the wash stage.

Some contaminants, such as iron fallout and tar, can be hard to remove during a regular wash process. These contaminants get trapped in the microscopic dents of the surface or even bond with the surface. Iron fallout can also oxidize to a point where it is ‘glued’ to the surface. Using a clay bar, paired with a clay lube, will help to remove this.

Chemical Guys Clay Luber is designed to help a clay bar glide across a car's surface without getting stuck or impairing the glossy shine. All you need to do is simply mist Chemical Guys Clay Luber over the surface you are working on to lay down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar and your paintwork. Chemical Guys Clay Luber helps facilitate the best clay bar technique over any exterior surface that is shiny or clear. Clay Luber is gentle enough for use on the finest natural detail clay bars and helps preserve the integrity of the elastic polymer bar.

The CARPRO Immolube Multipurpose Lubricant is a terrific clay lubricant for clay bars with a non-stick formula to prevent the blockage of sanding discs or polishing pads. Its solvents also limit friction caused by sanding, polishing and claying to prevent the wearing away of the vehicle's surface. The Immolube Lubricant also does not contain any protective polymers or enhancers which can cause damage or clogging when removed.

ValetPRO Clay Rider is a clay lubricant that provides the necessary glide to allow a clay bar to gently lift contamination off any painted surface whilst significantly reducing the risk of marring during use. It is well suited for any paint preparation step giving your vehicle the necessary treatment before any wax or protection applied.