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Clay Lube

  • £9.96

    Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube (500ml)

    Auto Finesse

    Lack of proper lubrication is the number one cause of marring during the claying process, which is why Auto Finesse created their superb Glide clay...

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  • from £10.99

    Chemical Guys Clay Luber

    Chemical Guys

    To help a clay bar glide across a car's surface without getting stuck or impairing the glossy shine, you need a lubricant, and Chemical Guys Clay L...

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    from £10.99
  • from £8.95

    CARPRO Immolube MultiPurpose Lubricant


    The CARPRO Immolube Multipurpose Lubricant is a terrific clay lubricant for clay bars with a non-stick formula to prevent the blockage of sanding d...

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    from £8.95
  • £22.80

    Instafinish Clay Lube


    Using a clay bar? Don't forget about the clay lubricant! Introducing Instafinish Clay Lube, designed to make your clay bar work even better by incr...

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  • £7.20

    ValetPRO Clay Rider


    ValetPRO Clay Rider is a clay lubricant that provides the necessary glide to allow a clay bar to gently lift contamination off any painted surface ...

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  • £9.00

    Angelwax Über-Lube


    Angelwax Über-Lube is a clay bar lubricant specially designed to remove contamination and fallout from paint and glass surfaces of your vehicle. Th...

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  • £8.00

    Stjarnagloss Glir Clay Lube, 500ml


    Stjarnagloss Glir Clay Lube helps to guard against marring during the clay process. The Glir Clay Lube helps the clay bar glide with ease over the ...

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