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Motorcycle Cleaning Products

  • £18.97

    EZ Detail EZ-Mini Brush

    EZ Brushes

    The EZ Detail Mini Brush allows you to clean the most intricate surfaces of your motorcycle, car or vehicle, especially any hard to reach areas suc...

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  • £59.95

    Chemical Guys Motorcycle Leathers Care Kit

    Chemical Guys

    Spent a small fortune on your leather gear? Well you don't have to fork out much to keep it in mint condition, this set is really all you'll need t...

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  • £7.86

    S.A.S Chain & Cable Lube


    S.A.S Chain & Cable Lube - A necessity for any avid biker, keep your chain smoothe for maximum endurance, stop it from seizing up in those wint...

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  • £23.40

    Motorcycle Chain Lube & Cleaner Set

    Chemical Guys

    A necessity for any avid biker, keep your chain smoothe for maximum endurance, stop it from seizing up in those winter months, rubber grommet frien...

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Detailing isn’t all about our four-wheeled friends; those two-wheelers need love as well! This category page is dedicated to all those motorbike owners out there who just want to keep their noble steed in tip top condition. We have put together a few kits for all your motorbike cleaning needs.

The Auto Finesse Motorcycle kit we have put together is an 8-piece care kit that cleans, polishes and protects your motorcycle surfaces, including paint, plastic, leather and metal. From lathering-up your pride and joy with Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo, to achieving that quick detail with the Finale Detail Spray. 

We also sell Chain & Cable Lube from SAS - a necessity for any avid biker. Keep your chain smooth for maximum endurance and stop it from seizing up in those winter months. Designed to increase chain efficiency and performance. Maximum protection over long distances, penetrating deep into the chain link creating a durable protective coating guarding against corrosion and metal to metal wear. Penetrating anti-fling formula & rubber grommet friendly.

Alongside these custom kits, we also have the full Moto range from Chemical Guys. Having the best ride on your motorcycle means having it clean and ready to go when you are. Chemical Guys offer a range of products aimed at keeping your two-wheeled machine looking and feeling its best.