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Nobody wants to see a streaky car after a wash, so make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste by using one of our great range of car drying towels to keep your paintwork looking good. Microfibre dying towels are the safest way to dry your car without scratching or leaving swirl marks on the surface. Microfibre is soft to the touch which makes it the ideal material for drying towels.

Most drying towels have a huge water carrying capacity which enables them to absorb many times their weight in order to dry your vehicle thoroughly. We have a variety of drying towels available from multiple brands such as Auto Finesse, CARPRO, Chemical Guys, Martin Cox, Meguiar’s, and Microfiber Madness.

The Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel and the Aqua Deluxe XL are some of our best selling towels. Super soft, safe & highly absorbent - everything you need to efficiently detail your car. A simply incredible luxury car drying towel with an ultra-deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease. The Aqua Deluxe drying towel is 500mm wide and 700mm long with the Aqua Deluxe XL drying towel measuring 600mm wide and 900mm long. Dry your vehicle effortlessly with help from Auto Finesse.

Another Slim’s favourite is the CARPRO DHydrate Drying Towel. This double-sided microfibre towel is designed with cutting edge technology to absorb huge amounts of water while gently sliding over the wet surface without leaving streaks. With a special blend of polyester fibres, the DHydrate Towel absorbs water without creating swirls or scratches. The double-sided design features a plush drying towel microfibre one side and a woven flat microfibre on the other to leave glass streak free. Designed for wipe drying rather than pat drying the DHydrate works best when laid flat on the wet surface and gently pulled by the edges across the panel. Dirt is easily identifiable on the pale grey towel.

Martin Cox make a variety of affordable car drying towels which are ideal for car wash companies looking to save money. The Martin Cox Giant Miracle Dry Microfibre Drying Towel is a superb economically priced high performance, double sided microfibre drying towel. Long pile one side for absorbing the maximum amount of water. Short pile one side for detailing and finishing.