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Machine polishing is one of the best ways to take your vehicle's paintwork to the next level. Remove swirl marks, scratches, and holograms and take your finish from standard to exceptional! For ultimate correction and a smooth, "like-glass" finish on your vehicle, a machine polisher in combination with the best polishing pads is unmatched. However, machine polishing is something you want to get right first time, every time. Having the best polisher backing plates is a big part of this.

Polishing pads come in a wide variety of sizes that are compatible with different polishers. The biggest benefit of this is that the varying sizes will be appropriate for a multitude of applications. Smaller polishing pads and spot polishers are perfect for small areas such as headlights and wing mirrors. Larger polishing pads are great for big uses on panels and bonnets. 

In order to secure polishing pads onto your machine, you will need a suitable backing plate. This backing plate must be the right size for the pads you are using. 6 inch pads require a 5-6” backing plate, 5 inch pads need to use a 5” backing plate, 4 inch pads will require a 3.5-4” backing plate, etc.

The Rupes Back Up Pad is lighter and has a repositioned center of gravity to assure perfect balance of BigFoot with the new microfiber pads. The ventilation characteristics of the new backing pad combined with the slots in the microfiber polishing pads effectively dissipate heat and maintain the work surface temperature at an acceptable level. 

The FLEX Velcro Backing Pad is made from 12 mm cell rubber to provide even pressure distribution when used during grinding, polishing, or sealing. This pad can be used on many FLEX polishers, check the compatible list below to make sure the plate will work with what you've got.

The 3M 150mm Hookit Multihole Back-Up Pad is designed for the professional Bodyshop user for jobs such as following contours and sanding close to edges, while maximizing dust extraction. The soft density foam pad features 3M’s Clean Sanding 6-hole pattern for effective dust extraction with their 6-hole discs. The Hookit™ attachment makes changing discs fast and easy, maximising disc life.