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Equipment is a man’s best friend! We can help you keep your workspace tidy with our storage solutions, and help keep you germ free with our range of sanitation products.

If you’re looking for storage for all your detailing gear, why not check out our range of shelf trolleys and work seats with storage such as the Sealey Mechanics Utility Seat & Tool Box and the Slim’s Lazy Work Seat Plus Tool Tray. The Sealey Mechanics Utility Seat & Tool Box is the answer to all your storage and mobility needs! This toolbox features multiple storage solutions such as three pull out drawers, two folding side trays, and a shelf perfect for holding bottles and brushes. The tool box has a vinyl padded comfy seat and four Ø60mm oil resistant swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. Designed for the professional, you can rest easy (literally, take the weight off your feet) knowing that everything you need for the job is at hand.

Save your back from bending down and your knees from the pressure of the ground with one of our handy detailing stools or seats. The Slim's mechanical stool, will help take a load off. Featuring a swivel action seat with lever operated gas sprung height adjustment between 380mm and 500mm. Slim's branded padded cushion for added comfort. The stool glides across workshop floor on five 60mm ball bearing castors, and last but not least the base doubles as temporary tool, product and component storage tray. The Slim's branded car creeper is ideal for detailiers, mechanics, fitters, and smart repairers. It lays flat on sturdy castors with a black padded cushion on metal framework. Becomes a seat with full backrest. Changes into a Z shaped stool for comfortable working height. Robust construction design. 

Some of our equipment includes the famous Scangrip worklights including the Multimatch range, the Sunmatch range, and the I-Match headlight as well as the pen lights. We also have a variety of tapes from the very popular 3M to help you mask off areas during the polishing process. We also have seat covers and wheel covers to protect surfaces from overspray of sealants. With the development of dryers for detailing, we also stock the MetroVac range of blow dryers to help dry your car fully and quickly without leaving waterspots. We also have the FLEX blower which does the same.

And don’t forget your safety and sanitation products! Masks, gloves, and sanitisers are also available.