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Polishing pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a machine polisher in order to apply liquid compound to a surface. When machine polishing your paintwork, choosing the right car polishing pads is key. The stiffness of a foam polishing pad will have a different effect on the paintwork surface, the heavier the cut, the more abrasive the pad will be. We have a range of pads from coarse to ultra fine as well as wool pads and those specifically made for glass surfaces. 

After multiple use, polishing pads can get very dirty. They can become full of polish residue, oils, small paint particles, and often dirt particles and mineral deposits. It is important to clean polishing pads properly in order to maintain them and keep their performance levels high. So how do you clean a polishing pad?

Some polishing pads are machine washable but it is important to not wash foam pads with microfibres pads or cloths as fibres can become loose and stick to the foam. For other polishing pads, a pad cleaner may be necessary to loosen contaminants and polish residue from the pad. Take a look at our range of pad cleaners to thoroughly clean and maintain your favourite polishing pads.

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner contains citrus degreasing agents that break up oil and eliminate traces of residue in order to clean, restore and prolong the life of wool, foam, sponge, and microfibre pads. The Foam & Wool Citrus-Based Pad Cleaner is a citrus-based cleaner and conditioner that contains citrus degreasing agents that break up oil and eliminate every last trace of residue. From wax, polishes, glazes, compounds, dressings, and grease - the pad cleaner leaves pads clean and new and ready to be used again.

The Detail Guardz Pad Washer System allows you to clean any polishing pad - wool and microfibre - safely and gently in a few seconds!  Simply attach the pad washer attachment to your Detail Guardz Dirt Lock and attach your pad to the handle via the hook and loop face. Insert the Dirt Lock into the bucket and fill with clean water until the top of the attachment is submerged underwater. Spray pads with the included pad cleaner to break down contaminants such as polishes and waxes, and pump the pads onto the attachment in your bucket.