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Check out our range of work lights that are designed to make your detailing life brighter – literally! LED work lights are powerful enough to light up most spaces and enable you to work longer hours especially through the winter months. Our lights can also help detect scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s surface for accurate paint correction. Hand lights are great for up close attention and direct light to the surface of your vehicle. 

The RUPES LL150 BigFoot Swirl Finder Pen Light is a compact, yet powerful torch pen, designed to make defect and swirl spotting easier than ever before. The LED in the RUPES LL150 light is extremely bright, with an output of 140 lumens of white light with a strong spread of anywhere between 10 - 70 degrees with adjustment. Best used indoors, it's also very effective in outdoor environments for spotting swirl and scratch marks. 

The Scangrip Matchpen is a slim, small penlight that is easy to carry and can always be at hand in your front pocket. Small but mighty - the light output is very powerful with excellent colour recognition properties. This penlight is designed for inspection in the workshop and especially useful for detection of scratches, pinholes and swirl marks. The penlight comes with focus function for concentrated and focused light beam ranging from 10° to 70°. 2 AAA batteries are included. Made from sturdy and durable aluminium supplied with solvent resistant glass lens. 

Matchpen R from Scangrip is a small, easy to carry rechargeable penlight with 2 colour light settings. Specially designed for inspection in the workshop to detect scratches, pinholes and swirl marks. Choose from one of the two light settings; warm or cool. Made from sturdy and durable aluminium and supplied with solvent resistant glass lens. 

The Scangrip UV-Light is a flexible, rechargeable LED hand-held torch ideal for small and medium cure areas. Designed with a sturdy turnable hook and strong built-in magnet, the hand-held torch is super versatile with a range of positions that suit you! The unique shape provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip and the torch is easy to carry in your work belt. An intelligent battery indicator keeps you informed about the battery level and the provided charging base gives you somewhere to store your UV-Light. Solvent resistant with an exchangeable glass lens.