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Our wheel ancillaries category features wheel specific accessories such as applicators and covers. From tyre dressing applicators to wash mitts specifically designed for tight spaces such as wheel arches and in between alloy spokes. With your favourite brands such as CARPRO, Chemical Guys, and Microfiber Madness.

The Chemical Guys Wheel Wedge is the ideal pad for intensely cleaning wheels and other compact areas. Wheels need specialty cleaning tools that are different than those used for paintwork and glass so this pad is designed to gently lift dirt and grime without scratching delicate wheel finishes. The Wheel Wedge allows you to clean mud, dirt, and brake dust from the front and back of the face of wheels and rims by easily agitating and removing brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime for a shiny look. The extra-slim, egg-shaped glove easily slips deep into alloy wheels and custom rims for a full wheel cleaning detail. Push the Wheel Wedge deep inside exhaust tips to remove heavy carbon buildup, or slip it between intake manifold pipes and exhaust runners for a thorough engine bay detail. The Wheel Wedge is perfect for a gentle cleaning touch deep inside hard to reach places.

CARPRO Wheel Covers are waterproof and durable to protect your precious wheels from weather damage and dirt while in storage and from drip marks whilst cleaning the body of your vehicle. Designed with professionals in mind, these covers will prevent polishing dust from sticking to freshly cleaned and/or coated wheels. This set of 4 wheel covers is suitable for wheels up to 22" in diameter. Easy to apply - simply slip over the wheel without having to lift the vehicle or remove the wheel. Made from gentle yet durable (enter type of material here) material these covers will last hundreds of uses in a professional environment or a lifetime of use for storing your car without damaging your wheels or tyres.

The Slim’s Detailing Tyre & Trim Applicator is a handy soft sponge applicator that makes life a little easier when applying tyre gels. Curved in shape for easy and even application around the tyre wall.