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The plastic trim on your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. It is less durable than metal, such as the main body of your vehicle, and is susceptible to damage from dirt and grime as well as colour fading from harmful UV rays. Once marked or scratched by road, plastics can be very hard to restore to factory appearance. Therefore, prevention is your best bet to avoid damage. Plastic trim dressings create a protective barrier and can offer UV protection.

Wheels and tyres obviously pick up a lot of dirt and grime from the road. Tyre dressings are designed to not only restore rubber to a like-new appearance, but also protect them from general wear and tear. Most tyre dressings leave a protective layer on the surface that acts as a barrier toward the contaminants that wheels and tyres face and provides a finish ranging from a matte satin to a deep, wet gloss.

It's important to keep your tyres and trim in prime condition and Slim's Detailing can provide a solution with a variety tyre and trim dressings to make your rubber glisten. Choose from brands such as Auto Finesse, Malco, CARPRO, Chemical Guys, Koch Chemie, Meguiar’s, and Swissvax.

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel stops tyres from turning brown and keeps them black for weeks, through snow, rain or shine. Endurance continues to be a favourite amongst enthusiasts looking for superior performance with a great look. Meguiar's unique formulation stops tyres from turning brown and eliminates the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and spotted driveways - most importantly, it leaves a long last high gloss finish.

Stjarnagloss Gummi Trim & Tyre Dressing glides onto rubber and plastic surfaces quickly and easily to leave a satin finish that's dry to the touch and that won't streak in the rain. The perfect consistency for applying to tyres and trim - you'll never use too much or find it dripping down paintwork. Once applied, allow Gummi to sink into surfaces, then buff with a soft microfibre cloth.

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Plastic Care maintains and protects all external plastic parts (trim, rubber, tyres, etc.). The treated parts regain their original, new appearance and are protected against damaging environmental factors. The premium product for professional vehicle care with unmatched durability.