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Buffing towels are perfect for use with quick detail sprays and for final buffing to remove polish, wax, or sealant residue. The Auto Finesse duo towel gives you the best of both worlds, with a dense short pile, perfect for removing polishes and waxes one side, and a thick plush pile the other. The totally edgeless design makes it ideal for all detailing chores without inflicting unwanted swirls or scratches. The affordable Slim's Detailing edged microfibre cloth makes removing polish and pre wax cleansers effortless due to the short dense pile. Clean and polish with the knowledge that your vehicle's paintwork is safe due to the soft microfibre design which minimises the chances of swirls and marring.  

Buffing towels tend to be slightly firmer than your average microfibre cloth in order to buff off polishes and waxes. However, it is also important that they are able to absorb any excess product from surfaces. Buffing towels are often edgeless in order to greatly reduce the chances of scratching and micro marring on your vehicle’s surface. Perfect for soaking up quick detail sprays and for final buffing. 

When buffing off wax, you want a long pile buffing towel which will glide over wax whilst also allowing you to apply pressure to rub away excess residue. When buffing off polish, you need a firm cloth that is capable of absorbing oils and polish residue to rub away as much as possible - longer pile microfibres are great at absorbing and a buffing cloth is designed to be firm and absorbent. When buffing off a coating, you want a firm cloth that won’t absorb much but will remove the residue layer - for these you mostly want to use the suede microfiber that tends to come with the package with the coating. 

Many of our buffing towels are incredibly soft with an ultra-deep pile that is highly absorbent making them perfect for buffing off pre-wax cleaning fluids and carnauba wax residues. Made from a super-soft, super-absorbent microfibre that will not scratch paint when used properly. Have a look below to see what you need to complete your detailing kit.