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Wheel Sealants

  • Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour
    from £22.50

    Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour


    C5 Wheel Armour uses a unique chemical bond, which enables your rims to become repellent to dirt, brake dust and contamination. It is thanks to thi...

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    from £22.50
  • £14.98

    Poorboy's Wheel Sealant 8oz (236ml)


    The Poorboy's Wheel Sealant is a protective wheel sealant that improves and also maintains the look of your cars wheels. It applies a clear barrier...

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  • £22.00

    Chemical Guys Max Coat Wheel Guard (236ml)

    Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys Max Coat is the ultimate protection for all wheels and rims. The advanced wheel coating creates a high-gloss shield that repels brake...

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Here at Slim's Detailing we have a few wheel sealants from brands such as Gtechniq, Poorboys, and Chemical Guys. At the most basic level, a surface sealant is a synthetic product especially formulated to protect treated surfaces whilst also leaving an extreme shine.

Some wheel sealants, such as Gtechniq Wheel Armour, use a unique chemical bond, which enables your rims to become repellent to dirt, brake dust and contamination. This enables the maintenance of your wheels to be much easier, with less dirt being able to attach itself to your wheels. A single application can last up to a whole year!

All wheel sealants aim to protect, improve, and maintain the look of your wheels. They apply a clear film-like barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, water, and anything else that may dull or damage your wheels. When applied correctly, wheel sealants can give new life back to older wheels by leaving a deep, glossy look to them.

After the application of a wheel sealant, future wheel cleaning becomes a breeze! Dirt will be repelled from the surface and any contaminants that do stick themselves to wheels will be easily washed away during your normal vehicle wash process. Help to protect wheels from brake dust, oxidation, moisture, tar and bugs by using a wheel sealant.

When shopping for the right coating for you, check out any YouTube videos on our product pages. These will show you the best ways to apply the product and also the benefits of using it.