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Exterior dressings work to enhance your vehicle’s appearance by bringing out the gloss and shine after washing. Your vehicle’s exterior is made from a variety of materials – glass windows, metal bodywork, plastic trim, rubber tyres, etc. Dressings exist for and can protect a variety of surfaces from fabric roofs to engine bays.

The plastic trim on your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. It is less durable than metal, such as the main body of your vehicle, and is susceptible to damage from dirt and grime as well as colour fading from harmful UV rays. Once marked or scratched by road, plastics can be very hard to restore to factory appearance. Therefore, prevention is your best bet to avoid damage. Plastic trim dressings create a protective barrier and can offer UV protection.

Wheels and tyres obviously pick up a lot of dirt and grime from the road. Tyre dressings are designed to not only restore rubber to a like-new appearance, but also protect them from general wear and tear. Most tyre dressings leave a protective layer on the surface that acts as a barrier toward the contaminants that wheels and tyres face and provides a finish ranging from a matte satin to a deep, wet gloss.

Sometimes it’s what’s on the inside that counts! That’s why it’s just as important that the inside of your vehicle, the engine, stays clean and protected. This is especially important for the resale of your vehicle – no one wants to buy a car with a dirty, old, worn-looking engine. All-purpose dressings would suffice but engine dressings are specially formulated to hydrate engine components (remember, things get hot under there) and maximise brightness of plastic and rubber.

Fabric roofs require a different clean and protect regime to the rest of your vehicle. A dedicated fabric cleaner and protectant is the best way to upkeep the life and longevity of your convertible roof. Fabric protectants often leave a hydrophobic barrier on the fibres which will repel water and dirt from the surface. A fabric roof dressing is the only way to prevent contaminants like mould and moss from attacking your convertible.