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Explore the very best car finishing products from some of the top brands in detailing. It's all in the finish when it comes to getting your vehicle to sparkle. We have everything you need to attain that ultimate finish from QD, waxes, and sealants, to tyre dressings and gloss enhancing glazes. Maintain your show room shine and impress your friends and neighbours.

Quick Detailer Sprays work to give existing layers of wax and sealants a ‘boost’ in order to maintain that showroom shine in between washes. They work by leaving a thin layer of wax and or polymers on top of the existing protective layer. Quick detailers can also be used in the final stage of detailing to remove any fingerprints or dust after the washing and polishing stage.

A sealant is a protective product used in the final stage of detailing that is made up of polymers. Sealants can come in liquid form, such as professional sealants from the likes of Gtechniq and CARPRO, and also in spray form from brands like Chemical Guys and Angelwax. There are specialty sealants for all kinds of jobs, from glass and paintwork to wheels and trim.

Automotive wax is another final stage protective product that is used to protect surfaces from outside contaminants. The main ingredient in high quality waxes is Brazilian carnauba wax or beeswax. Carnauba wax is very hard, it helps to give glass and paintwork a reflective shine and high gloss finish. Beeswax is softer and works to give colours a warm glow.

Car Glazes are designed to enhance paintwork whilst reducing the appearance of fine swirls and marring - like a polish. You can create a deep, wet, glossy finish on paintwork to really finetune the finish of your vehicle. For use via hand or machine, glazes make metallic pop, dark colours deeper, and reds more fiery than ever before! Glaze is the detailer’s secret for adding extra shine and depth to any vehicle. 

Finishing also comprises of protecting the interior of your vehicle such as plastics, vinyl, rubber, and fabrics. Browse our range of interior and exterior dressings in this category.