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What is a swirl remover? Let us tell you! A swirl remover is a polishing product designed to be used when you need your paintwork to be looking as factory-fresh as possible. Swirl marks on the surface of the paintwork, which can look like a faint spiderweb, are not only unpleasant to look at but it is frustrating to know they are there. A swirl remover can help to eliminate them so you can rest assured that your paintwork is like new! However, it takes hard work and devotion before you start to see results, but it can be done.

It helps knowing what to use and how to approach the problem which is why it’s a good chance to have a little look at some of our options available to you. Are you looking for an industrial, professional grade swirl remover such as the likes of 3M and Meguiar’s? Or do you want something suitable for the casual ‘driveway detailer’ such as those from Chemical Guys?

You might be wondering how swirls in your paintwork occur. Essentially, paint swirls are minute, miniscule scratches. What you see as the swirl is light that’s reflected off the edge of the scratch where it cuts partway into the clear coat, or even down to the paint. Usually swirl marks occur due to human error! Either by use of a cheap towel or shammy leather which has scratched the paintwork, or by improper decontamination, meaning grit from the car’s surface has been rubbed across the paintwork. Sometimes the use of a sponge or just taking the car through a car wash is enough to put these fine scratches into the paintwork.

A swirl remover is only there to do one thing – remove swirls and leave you with a smooth clear coat. Therefore, it’s important to follow up with a good wax or sealant after removing swirls. After all, you want to preserve the hard work you’ve put in! Your paintwork needs to be protected so it is vital to finish by applying a coat of good wax, a spray sealant, or a professional grade ceramic coating.