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Wool Mitts

  • £3.24

    Martin Cox Standard Wash Mitt

    Martin Cox

    Super soft wash mitt made from soft, absorbent fibres. It's comfortable to use and allows you to get to those hard to reach areas. Used as a part o...

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  • £7.79

    Chemical Guys Bear Claw Scratch Free Premium Wash Mitt

    Chemical Guys

    The Bear Claw Scratch Free Wash Mitt is tough on dirt and grime, but soft and harmless on paint and shine. The scratch resistant synthetic wool hol...

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  • £19.00

    CARPRO Merino Wool Wash Mitt


    This Mitt is the ultimate in luxurious gentle auto wash tools and is a must have for anyone who loves their vehicle or cares for their quality of w...

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  • £13.50

    Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt


    The Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily. Gentle washing action of genuine...

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  • £12.41

    Slim's Sudder Upper Deep Pile Wash Mitt


    A luxury super soft lambs wool wash mitt is a vital bit of kit to anyone looking to maintain the pristine finish on car paintwork. Slim's Sudder Up...

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  • £6.80

    Flexipads Merino Wool Finger Mitt


    This Flexipads Merino Wool Finger Mitt is a four finger wash mitt made from soft pure merino lambs wool. The lambs wool is soft enough to not leave...

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  • £12.05

    Martin Cox Wash Mitt

    Martin Cox

    The Martin Cox Wash Mitt is a multi-use mitt used for reducing swirl marks and haze and for removing bugs and tar. The ultra-soft lamb’s wool front...

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  • £6.60

    Malco Large Wash Mitt


    Large Malco Wash Mitt made from soft, absorbent fibres. Fits like a glove - literally! - with a fitted cuff for comfortable usage. Maintain the pri...

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  • £8.40

    CARPRO 2 Finger Merino Wool Wash Mitt


    The CARPRO 2 Finger Merino Wool Wash Mitt is super soft and safe for use on all vehicle surfaces. The compact size is ideal for those small, hard t...

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