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We sell a range of odour eliminators that will not work to cover up smells but actually eliminate them from the interior of your vehicle. Target bad smells at their source and leave your car smelling fresher than ever. Odour eliminators are designed to control the smells of mildew, food, smoke, cigarette, mustiness, and other unwanted odours. 

Interior cleaning is an important part of the detailing and reconditioning process. Malco's Liquid Fabric Cleaner & Deodoriser is designed for use in hot and cold water extraction machines. A low-foam formula which leaves carpet and upholstery clean, soft and fresh-smelling. A popular product from Malco's Xtrax range, it features the signature fragrance, which creates a consistent aroma throughout the vehicle.  

ValetPro Enzyme Odour Eater is excellent for both the detailer and enthusiast too. It removes, not masks, bad smells and also breaks down the organic source which the bacteria producing the smell thrives on. This makes it a lot easier to remove stains from carpets and upholstery. 

The Koch-Chemie Fresh Up Odour Eliminator spray envelops undesirable odour molecules, thereby rendering them obsolete. These odours are then replaced by a crisp, new aroma. Clear grime and the odour sources prior to using the Odour Eliminator for maximum effectiveness. 

CARPRO SO2Pure is a nano-scale TiO2 based photocatalytic automotive interior coating, which represents a huge leap forward in air purification technology. Designed for people sensitive to allergens, traffic fumes, and other harsh odors. When exposed to light, So2Pure treated surfaces actively destroy even the toughest of odors and pollutants, leaving behind nothing but clean, fresh air. 

We also have a few refill fragrance bottles perfet for the professional valeter. Simply fill up your own spray bottle with our gallon scent refills and spritz into yours and your customers’ vehicles.