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We sell a range of air fresheners that will help keep the inside of your vehicle smelling as fresh as it is after all your hard work cleaning it! Our air fresheners range from hanging air fresheners, to sprays and interior odour eliminating bombs. From brands such as our own Slim’s Detailing range, to Chemical Guys, Angelwax, Bilt Hamber, and California Scents we can help keep your interior looking and smelling cleaner than ever. Find the perfect scent for your car’s cabin at Slim's. It's the perfect finishing touch to a well cleaned & detailed car, the cherry on top if you like.

Spray air fresheners work to target odours at their source with some containing odour eliminators to not only cover up foul smells but to eliminate them completely. Sprays work well when dispersed into the footwells of vehicles. Air vents then circulate the fragranced particles to fill the whole of your interior.

Chemical Guys sell an excellent range of spray air fresheners. With scents such as New Car, Black Frost, Bubble Gum, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Strawberry Margarita, and even Donut! You’re guaranteed to find the scent that you want to be the smell of your life that follows you around everywhere you travel!

Chemical Guys Signature Scent (formerly Stripper Scent) is a familiar scent to some, one that might evoke strong memories. A product, you simply have to try. Invigorate your senses and (hopefully!) bring a smile to your face each time you get in your car. Designed with active odor eliminators, it will help eliminate the source of other foul odors, not just cover them up temporarily. Simply spray the air freshener liberally on your carpets and upholstery for a long lasting and intoxicating smell. Active odor eliminators will subdue unpleasant smells at the source.

Angelwax Bliss is an extremely fragrant air freshener designed to eliminate unwanted bad smells and leave your vehicle smelling fresh. Infused with fruity and woody tones, Bliss has a unique aroma that works on carpets and interior fabrics to leave them smelling heavenly! Odour eliminators work to transform your vehicle into a bliss (pun intended) cabin.

Slim's tip for spray air fresheners: Just when you think the scent is dead, aim your air con at your mats and give it a blast. It will lift the scent from the fabric back up in to the cabin.