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Automotive dressings work to enhance your vehicle’s appearance by bringing out the gloss and shine after washing. Your vehicle’s exterior is made from a variety of materials – glass windows, metal bodywork, plastic trim, rubber tyres, etc. Dressings exist for and can protect a variety of surfaces from fabric roofs to engine bays.

Sometimes it’s what’s on the inside that counts! That’s why it’s just as important that the inside of your vehicle, the engine, stays clean and protected. This is especially important for the resale of your vehicle – no one wants to buy a car with a dirty, old, worn-looking engine. All-purpose dressings would suffice but engine dressings are specially formulated to hydrate engine components (remember, things get hot under there) and maximise brightness of plastic and rubber.

Meguiar's Engine Bay Dressing keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new. The dressing safely restores and protects engine bay materials for a like new appearance. It provides long-lasting protection in a non-greasy, skin safe solvent free dressing. The specialised formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening of plastics and rubbers. Safely restores and protects engine bay materials for a long lasting, like-new appearance. Long lasting protection in a non-greasy, skin safe and solvent free dressing. Specialised formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening.

CARPRO PERL (Plastic, Engine, Rubber and Leather coat - hence PERL) is a concentrated, versatile, water-based protective coating that offers outstanding UV protection. It can be used to restore the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces, keeping that fresh new look with strong UV and hydrophobic protection. CARPRO PERL will help to protect your engine from heat damage, keeping parts looking like new! Providing excellent protection, it can work for up to 3 months on surfaces.

Koch-Chemie Motorplast is a naturally shiny, water-displacing special engine conserver safe for use on housing parts, rubber hoses and power units of cars, commercial vehicles, etc. Treated parts will regain their 'like-new' appearance. The complete drying formula (no lubricating film) prevents dirt from sticking. The power units are protected from corrosion and environmental factors by the permanently elastic protective film. Suitable for use on dry and wet surfaces. Temperature-resistant to 250°C.