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Engine Bay Dressings

  • CarPro PERL Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat
    from £10.99

    CARPRO PERL Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat


    CARPRO PERL (Plastic, Engine, Rubber and Leather coat - hence PERL) is a concentrated, versatile, water-based protective coating that offers outsta...

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    from £10.99
  • £12.70

    Chemical Guys Black on Black Spray Shine & Protection (312G)

    Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys Black on Black Spray Shine & Protection leaves a glossy finish with long lasting protection. Turn your non rubber faded grey part...

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  • £11.98

    Meguiar's Engine Bay Dressing


    Meguiar's Engine Bay Dressing keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new. The dressing safely restores and protects engine bay materials fo...

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  • £12.96

    Auto Finesse Dressle - All Purpose Dressing

    Auto Finesse

    Have you ever struggled to dress modern honeycomb grills, or wanted to add that finishing touch to a freshly detailed engine bay? Then Auto Finesse...

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  • £9.55

    Koch Chemie Motorplast

    Koch Chemie

    Koch Chemie Motorplast is a naturally shiny, water-displacing special engine conserver safe for use on housing parts, rubber hoses and power units ...

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  • £38.40

    Malco Aqua Bead Silicone Suspension Dressing


    An innovative VOC compliant, water-based silicone suspension dressing, designed to perform like a solvent-based dressing. Its premium formula direc...

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