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Car shampoo is specially formulated for use against dirt on vehicle paintwork. Used in conjunction with a wash mitt, car shampoos are the safest way to ensure a scratch-free wash. We recommended you wash your car with proper car shampoo and a two (or three) bucket method.

Vehicle shampoo is mostly made up of surfactants (Surface Active Agents) which are chains of carefully designed two-part molecules. One end of the surfactants is hydrophilic (water-loving) and the other end is dirt-loving. When an automotive shampoo is applied to your vehicle, these surfactants seek out the dirt and surround it so that it is able to be lifted from the paintwork surface.

Fairy liquid used to be the go-to soap for car washing – we cringe at the thought now! However, dishwashing soaps don’t rinse off easily, can dry out paintwork, can cause swirls and holograms in the surface, and can effect waxes and sealants on your vehicle. Car shampoo has a very different formulation. When used with water, it can create a lubricated liquid that allows the wash mitt to glide over the surface of your vehicle. It also rinses off easily, decreasing the risk of dried soap which will ruin your paint.

We sell a variety of specialised car shampoos designed specifically for matte paintwork. These shampoos contain no gloss enhancers so you can guarantee a safe wash for your matte finish paintwork. Matte shampoos are designed to clean your vehicle thoroughly yet safely, without damaging the matte surface.

Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Auto Wash cleans and protects matte paint finishes and vinyl wraps, whilst removing dirt, dust, road grime, fingerprints, and more. This streak-free formula has extra slick lubricants that reduce the chance of swirls and scratches, eliminating unwanted shine on matte and satin finishes. This Chemical Guys wash offers versatility for any two bucket and foam cannon methods.

Stjarnagloss Matta Shampoo Matt is a pH neutral wash that rinses clean, leaving nothing behind. Can be used on regular paintwork also and it’s residue-free formula means you can even use it on your windscreen, without having to use glass cleaner afterwards.