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If you want to take that extra professional step when detailing your car, then our range of pre-wax cleaners are for you. Pre-wax cleaners are usually formulated with micro-fine abrasives or chemical cleaners to remove surface contamination still left from the wash stage. These products will ensure your bodywork is prepped and ready for the main wax application, making it as effective as possible. Use a pre-wax cleaner prior to waxing in order to deep clean paintwork which will subsequently increase clarity. Pre-wax cleaners also allow any waxes or sealants to form a better bond with the paint thus providing stronger for your vehicle. 

Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a light abrasive pre-wax treatment which is used on lightly weathered paint and paint with light to medium signs of use. It removes overspray, heavy oxidation, acid bird droppings and scratches and provides a smooth and perfect surface as a basis for the wax application. Cleaner Fluid Medium is applied evenly only on the affected areas of the paintwork using a Cleaner Fluid pad and is worked in doing longitudinal strokes under medium to strong pressure. The friction applied by this application technique causes the innovative micro granules contained in its formula to wear away against one another diminishing for a progressively finer abrasive polish allowing you to remove any irregularities on your vehicles paintwork while only abrading the minimum required of its sensitive surface.