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Pre-Wax Cleaner

  • from £8.99

    CARPRO Spotless Water Spot Remover


    Spotless paint is a beautiful thing, but it is difficult to maintain in a world of hard, mineral-laden water without constant polishing. CARPRO Spo...

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    from £8.99
  • £8.16

    Flexipads Red Pro-Detail Ultra Fine Finishing Pad (5.5")


    Flexipads Red Pro-Detail Ultra Fine Finishing Pad delivers a premium-quality, super fine finish for use with wax and sealant products. Featuring a ...

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  • £9.19

    Angelwax Perfect Polish


    Angelwax Perfect Polish is a pre-wax paint cleanser designed to perfectly prepare your vehicle's paintwork for your chosen sealant or protective wa...

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  • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium (250ml)

    Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium (250ml)


    Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a light abrasive pre-wax treatment which is used on lightly weathered paint and paint with light to medium signs o...

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  • £37.99

    Swissvax Pre-Cleaner Opaque - 250ml


    Pre-Cleaner spray specially developed for satin matt paint finishes (works also satin matt foils). Easily removes fat, bug tar, fingerprints etc. N...

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If you want to take that extra professional step when detailing your car, then our range of pre-wax cleaners are for you. These products will ensure your bodywork is prepped and ready for the main wax application, making it as effective as possible.