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Glass Sealants

  • £10.98

    Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass (15ml)


    Unlike regular rain repellent coatings that adhere to the surface of the glass using relatively weak physical bonds, G1 uses a chemical bond which ...

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  • £9.98

    Gtechniq G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass (100ml)


    G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex Formulated to offer the very best dirt and water repellency. One application lasts for up to 5 mon...

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  • from £7.44

    Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent


    Angelwax H2GO is the ultimate rain repellent designed to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces. Fight the rainiest of days that wet Britai...

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    from £7.44
  • £28.99

    CARPRO Flyby Forte Extreme Glass Sealant (15ml) 2020 Kit


    CARPRO FlyBy Forte is a technologically advanced windshield coating, this is the 2020 kit. Development of Flyby Forte was heavily based on the late...

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  • from £10.99

    CARPRO Flyby30 Windscreen Rain Repellent


    FlyBy30’s advanced Silane barrier technology repels rain from automotive windscreen glass, enhancing visibility, and reducing the need for wipers a...

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    from £10.99
  • from £24.96

    CARPRO FlyBy Forte


    CARPRO FlyBy Forte is the ultimate windscreen and glass coating with an inorganic nano-tech coating that has been specifically designed for extreme...

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    from £24.96
  • £45.00

    Koch Chemie Ng Nano-Glass-Sealing

    Koch Chemie

    The Koch Chemie NanoGlasversiegeling Ng is an advanced glass sealant which repels water for greater visibility on the road. Its nano network protec...

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  • £22.80

    Chemical Guys HydroView Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Coating

    Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant. HydroView cleans and protects in one s...

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  • £19.99

    Coating Farm Bodguard Glass Coat (300ml)

    Coating Farm

    Coating Farm Bodguard Glass Coat can be used as a stand alone coating or as a “sacrificial” layer on already coated vehicles. Designed for use on ...

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  • £16.32

    Soft 99 Glaco Roll on Max

    Soft 99

    Soft 99 Glaco Roll on Max is an advanced glass sealant designed to repel water and allow for it to roll off the glass at speeds of 30mph or more! ...

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  • £9.96

    Soft 99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

    Soft 99

    Soft 99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero is an ultra hydrophobic glass coating specifically designed for wing mirrors. Special formula develops a layer of m...

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Here at Slim's Detailing we stock a full range of glass sealants from the likes of Gtechniq, Nanolex, Carpro, and Instafinish. Visibility is crucial when on the roads which is why coating your glass is a great idea. Glass sealants are easy to apply, advanced products which repel water and dirt from the surface of the glass. Ideally used on car windscreens, but equally effective on side and rear windows. These products can also be used to good effect on perspex.

Hydrophobic coatings on glass surfaces are incredibly useful. Fight the rainiest of days that your country throws at you! Glass coatings aim to repel rain and other unexpected liquids from windscreens and windows making driving in extreme weather conditions safer for you. Simply watch water bead off your vehicle at speeds as low at 30mph.

You need not be afraid of coatings! Some of our glass coatings, such as H2GO from Angelwax are super easy to apply - simply spray on, leave for 10-15 minutes, and buff off. Yes, it can be as easy as that. And even with the professional Gtechniq glass coatings - it’s not as scary as you may think. As long as you fully read the instructions, you too could become a master in glass coating. Don’t forget to check our YouTube channel for how-to videos, or simply drop us a message and we’d be happy to help you out.