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Having a top quality detailing brush to agitate stubborn dirt is an honest-to-Slim necessity. We stock a range of brushes from exterior wheel brushes to interior brushes for carpet, upholstery, leather, and dash materials! Pad cleaning brushes will help to restore and maintain the quality of your polishing pads. Over time, built up residue in your foam polishing pads will harden and, if then used on your vehicle, can cause scratches in the paintwork. Our pad cleaning brushes ensure your polishing pads stay clean and cared for. 

Slim’s Detailing Pad Conditioning Brush For Foam Pads is a cleverly designed brush which allows you to clean and recondition foam buffing pads, keeping your pads in premium shape. Designed specifically to clean and preserve foam pads, the ergonomic shape makes it easy to apply to any high-quality pad whilst tough construction helps stand up to constant use in your busy shop. 

The Chemical Guys Dual Purpose Toothbrush Style Detailing Brush is a versatile two-sided brush by Chemical Guys, ideal to use on those tough to clean small areas. Clear polypropylene bristles are heat-set into a heavy-duty polypropylene handle for professional long-lasting durability and, although it is heavy duty, it is gentle on both the exterior and interior of any vehicle. Hundreds of bristles provide just the right amount of heavy duty scrubbing that is still gentle enough for both interior and exterior purposes. The fine detailing abilities of this brush means it is perfect to use emblems, moulding, trim, door handles and more. 

Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool is a must-have pad cleaning and removal tool for any detailing pro or enthusiast. An innovative design, it features two separate functional ends: The brush head and the wedge. The brush head can be used to clean foam, microfiber or short pile wool pads while still on the machine. Its semi-rigid nylon bristles are designed to dislodge dried compound residues from the pads without causing damage. This ensures that operators can maintain optimal efficiency in their buffing process. The other end, features an innovative wedge, used to create separation between the hook and loop attachment point for pad removal, thus eliminating the occurrence of accidental tears and damage to pads - when pulling them from the backing plate.