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Having a top quality detailing brush to agitate stubborn dirt is an honest-to-Slim necessity. We stock a range of brushes from exterior wheel brushes to interior brushes for carpet, upholstery, leather, and dash materials! Take a look at our interior brush selection for help with your deep cleaning. 

The Wheel Woolies Vent Brush is made from 100% non-scratch synthetic wool-like material with a polypropylene slim handle which is a great fit for car vents. This brush will easily remove dust and microbacteria particles from your car's heating and air conditioning ducts. 6" of brush pile reaches deep into your auto's vent. Designed and created with the same maximum quality standards as all of the Wheel Woolies brushes. 

We also have the complete range of ValetPRO brushes. The ValetPRO Dash Brush is a pure Boars hair brush and is ideal for dusting and cleaning into difficult to get to areas on a dash around switches, seams, and air vents. The bristles are also very sturdy and will maintain the same shape better than normal brushes. Soft bristles also ensure that the cleaning process will not leave behind any unnecessary damage to the wheels of your vehicle. 

Carpet, fabric, and upholstery brushes and soft leather brushes are also available – perfect for agitating tougher stains. 

The Swissvax Interior and Leather Cleaning Brush is a practical and handy utensil for the effortless, efficient, thorough but gentle cleaning of leather, fabric and plastic surfaces. It is made from recycled PET bristles woven into a natural wood handle. Recycled PET bristles are gentle to the leather, fabric and plastic surfaces to be cleaned and cannot rot when the damp brush is re-stored again after use. They are colourfast and provide immaculate and powerful cleaning results when combined with Swissvax Leather Cleaner or Swissvax Fabric. 

The Chemical Guys Dust Monster harnesses the power of static electricity to lift dirt off surfaces without scratching. Enables you to lightly dust without pressure or caustic chemicals. Made from the highest quality Merino Wool. Safe to use on sensitive surfaces, delivering the lightest, gentlest touch. Remove dust from interior dash, vents, door handles, and more with a simple wave of your magic wand!