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Wheels get attacked by several kinds of contaminants that paintwork hardly ever comes into contact with. Wheel cleaners are specifically designed to remove this dirt that is often found on wheels such as brake dust, road grime, mud, tar, and more. Wheel cleaners should be safe on all surfaces, however you should always test on a small area before using something on the whole wheel.

Tyre dressings are designed to not only restore rubber to a like-new appearance, but also protect them from general wear and tear. Most tyre dressings leave a protective layer on the surface that acts as a barrier toward the contaminants that wheels and tyres face and provides a finish ranging from a matte satin to a deep, wet gloss

It's important to keep your tyres and wheels in prime condition that’s why, at Slim’s Detailing, we’ve put together some wheel care kits for you to enjoy. Choose from brands such as Auto Finesse, Gtechniq, and ValetPro. From iron and fallout removers to make your alloys shine, to tyre and trim dressings to make your rubber glisten.

Gtechniq never cease to amaze us here at Slim's, that's why we've put together an ultimate wheel kit to keep your rims tip top! Just one single coat of C5 lasts up to one year. Protect your wheels this winter, the dirt and brake dust resistant characteristics make future cleaning processes quick and easy! It's worth its price to make sure your rims don't fall victim to all the nasties the road kicks up on them. This kit contains W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover to offer you the safest and most effective method of removing potentially damaging fallout commonly found on your vehicles paintwork and rims. T2 Tyre Dressing with an applicator to protect your tyres and repel dirt. Plus C5 Wheel Armour to give you greater performance and superior alloy wheel protection.

We've also combined four top Auto Finesse products to create the ultimate wheel cleaning kit, Iron Out for alloy wheel deep cleaning, Satin for impeccable tyre shine, a tyre applicator to get even coverage and Mint Rims for outright bling. This kit is the ideal combo for not only cleaning but also protection as well for your wheels for all sorts of elements the roads kick up onto the surface.