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Car Drying Aids

  • from £22.80

    Koch-Chemie Pw ProtectorWax

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie ProtectorWax is an innovative, high-tech, conserving wax which sets new standards in matters of protection and durability. It provides ...

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    from £22.80
  • £11.50

    Angelwax Blue Rinse


    Angelwax Blue Rinse Wax Infused Finale has been designed to provide a post wash rinse as the final step of your wash routine. The water-based, spra...

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  • £13.75

    Autoglym Aqua Dry Hi Tech Synthetic Chamois


    A durable synthetic chamois. It has many uses around the car and far outlasts a traditional leather chamois. It can be used to dry your car followi...

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  • £47.82

    Autoglym Autogloss Rinse


    AutoGlym Autogloss Rinse is a rinse aid that will provide a glossy, water-repellent finish on vehicle exterior surfaces to speed up drying time. Th...

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  • £18.60

    Malco Mat Clamp


    Professional-grade, heavy-duty aluminum clamp perfect for hanging even the heaviest of car floor mats to clean and dry. Mounts to any wall or flat ...

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  • £239.40

    Koch-Chemie Shield & Gloss Wax (10L)

    Koch Chemie

    Shield & Gloss Wax is the latest version of Koch Chemie’s premium spray wax with extra protection for paintwork, glass and even plastic trims. ...

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Drying aids are not always called drying aids - confusing, right? A drying aid is classified as anything that makes it as easy as possible for you to get the water off your vehicle - making more sense? For example, Koch Chemie Protector Wax is a kind of drying aid that leaves behind a layer of wax, making it a breeze to dry your vehicle!

The majority of swirls and scratches on your vehicle come from poor washing and drying habits. Drying aids are designed to be hydrophobic, repelling water from paintwork to quickly dry surfaces with a premium microfibre towel. Perfectly prepare the surface for the next stages of your detailing process such as coatings and waxes.

The theory behind drying aids is simply ‘less water’, meaning the need for a drying towel is reduced and the chance of watermarks is minimised. When you are using a drying towel though, drying aids will add a layer of lubrication for a scratch-free shine, making drying smoother than ever.