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Take it back to the basics – everyone needs a trusty wash bucket! The best equipment is key to a thorough wash job and a decent bucket (or 3!) is essential. We sell a variety of buckets from brands such as Martin Cox, Auto Finesse, Chemical Guys, Meguiar’s, Koch Chemie and more! You can choose your favourite brand and stick with it or mix and match your buckets to colour code them per job. Wash like a pro and try out one of our bucket and grit guard combos or check out our other bucket accessories like lids, stickers, and washboards!

For those of you that get as confused as we do with all the different mixing ratios for some of our concentrated products, we have drafted a table showing the most popular mixing ratios and put this into sticker form. A mixing ratio is always a guideline but if you mix the products accurately you can be assured that you have started with the product at its suggested best. Dilutions have been suggested by some of our manufacturers to get the best out of their products. Our sheet of three water resistant mixing ratio stickers are roughly 1x A5 and 2x A6. Made to apply to buckets or hand sprayers respectively but the choice is yours. Stick to whatever surface you like to have to hand when diluting products.

Take your cleaning routine to the next level. Advance on your two bucket method with our Slim's labels, separate your buckets with the 'Wash', 'Rinse' & 'Wheels' stickers. Available individually or as a pack of three. Never again, will your wash mitt accidentally drop into the wrong bucket - helping you keep your cleaning process meticulous as always.

The Slim's Detailing Bucket Dolly has the capacity to support up to 300lbs and has full 360 degree turning ability. This is the easiest way to make your wash bucket portable, giving you ultimate control and manoeuvrability. We also sell a dual connector to enable you to connect two dollies together for your two bucket method. Perfect for your work space in order to roll buckets easily around the vehicle you’re washing without having to bend and pick the buckets up.