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Sponge applicator pads are designed to apply liquid or paste product to your vehicle’s paintwork or wheels. Our range of sponge applicator pads will give you a hand in practically and professionally applying product such as waxes, polishes, and tyre dressings.  

Way back when, when people were using fairy liquid, an old rusty bucket, and a chamois leather to clean cars, waxes and other liquid products were applied with the tail of an old shirt. This poses a risk to the paintwork and may cause scratching and swirl marks due to the product not distributing evenly. An applicator pad is specially designed to do just this and have little effect on the surface of your vehicle, giving you something that’s easy to hold onto and use. 

The CARPRO Tyre Sponge Applicator is a strong foam applicator sponge ideal for applying dressings to your vehicle's tyres. Innovative design, cut to perfectly glide around your tyres. With a hard foam grip handle and sleek CARPRO logo. 

The Auto Finesse Tyre and Trim Applicator is a super soft and safe sponge applicator designed to make life easy with trim and tyre gels. The green section of the sponge is slightly firmer to make it easier to hold and spread the gels. Whilst the grey area of the applicator is softer and perfect for going in and around manufacture marks on tyres. The pointed ends lend themselves to fit into tighter area to ensure even coverage & maximum impact! 

The Slim's Speedy Prep Sponge is a fast, easy, and safe way of smoothing your vehicle to perfection. The spongy cushioned grip helps you to apply an even pressure over the surface of the sponge. Lube before use! Help the clay face of the sponge to glide over your paintwork smoothly and maximise its full potential. 

The Martin Cox Interior Upholstery Sponge is made from abrasive sponge for coarse agitation on upholstery and carpet. Perfect for lifting stubborn stains from interior fabric but not to be used on leather or plastics! Works to agitate deeply engrained dirt and lift it to the surface for easier removal.