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The plastic trim on your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. It is less durable than metal, such as the main body of your vehicle, and is susceptible to damage from dirt and grime as well as colour fading from harmful UV rays. Once marked or scratched by road, plastics can be very hard to restore to factory appearance. Therefore, prevention is your best bet to avoid damage. Plastic trim dressings create a protective barrier and can offer UV protection.

From car plastic, car vinyl, car rubber and more - we've got all the car trim cleaners and dressings you could ever need! The manufacturer’s aim when making a trim dressing is to get the perfect consistency for application - you need to make sure you'll never use too much or find it dripping down paintwork. All of our tyre & trim dressings are the perfect consistency so you don’t need to worry about waste or mess.

It’s important to maintain and protect your external plastic parts such as trim, rubber, tyres, etc. from damaging environmental factors such as UV rays and frost. Treated plastic, vinyl, and rubber will regain their original, new appearance and remain protected. See our range of trim dressings from brands such as Chemical Guys, Koch Chemie, Swissvax and more. Stop your plastics from discolouring, fading, and at worst, cracking by treating them with a dressing.

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Plastic Care maintains and protects all external plastic parts (trim, rubber, tyres, etc.). The treated parts regain their original, new appearance and are protected against damaging environmental factors. Protect your platic parts from the elements and maintain their condition. The premium product for professional vehicle care with unmatched durability.

Swissvax Seal Feed is specially formulated to apply to the rubber surfaces of your vehicle. Many products are available for use on rubber, plastic and vinyl, however Swissvax has recognised that rubber has particular properties that require a unique product to keep them in the best condition possible. Seal Feed will keep seals pliable, like new and prevent freezing in winter. Rejuvenates old, harden seals to a brilliant condition.