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Looking for the foamiest shampoos and highest quality snow foams? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find some of the very best brands in car care to satisfy your car cleaning needs. From wheel and exterior cleaners, to wash mitts and drying towels – take your pick!

The first stage of car detailing is the cleaning stage. Products under this category include snow foams, shampoos, buckets, wash mitts, drying towels, and more! Throughout to detailing process, you are constantly removing imperfections and contaminations. Arguably, the most heavily contaminated stage of your vehicle is before washing. Therefore, a good and thorough wash process will set you up nicely for success throughout your polishing and finishing stages of detailing.

The most important thing to avoid during of any of the detailing processes is damaging the paintwork of the car which will reduce the gloss level and shine. Synthetic sponges, chamois leathers, a single bucket, and washing up liquid are all the wrong things to use! But, we know it’s been done by many before. The use of a sponge and a lonesome bucket will inevitably cause you to put more scratches on your vehicle. We suggest you upgrade to our two or three bucket method (wash, rinse, wheels) with the use of a grit guard, and a proper wash mitt. The best part is, these things don’t have to be expensive!

The first stage of a deep clean would be to knock off any heavy soiling. To do this, you would use something called a snow foam. Snow foams are a thick cleaner that you apply to a vehicle using a pressure washer and snow foam lance. The soapy suds dwell on the vehicle’s surface and lift off any heavy contaminants, making them easy to blast off with the pressure washer afterwards. Your next step would be to use a shampoo and wash mitt (not forgetting two buckets) to remove the next layer of contaminants. The reason to use two buckets is to have one with your chosen shampoo and another with clean water to rinse the dirt off the mitt. A third bucket can be introduced to separate wheel cleaning from paint work. 

And then you can move onto your specialist cleaning areas. We have wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, plastic cleaners, rubber cleaners, interior cleaners, and more. From your favourite brands such as Auto Finesse, CARPRO, Koch Chemie, and ValetPRO.