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Polishing pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a machine polisher in order to apply liquid compound to a surface. When machine polishing your paintwork, choosing the right car polishing pads is key. The stiffness of a foam polishing pad will have a different effect on the paintwork surface, the heavier the cut, the more abrasive the pad will be. We have a range of pads from coarse to ultra fine as well as wool pads and those specifically made for glass surfaces. 

Foam polishing pads are most commonly used in the detailing industry. They come in many different grades, colours, and sizes to fit every type of machine polisher out there. A coarse or heavy cut pad is able to refine deep to medium scratches in the surface of your paintwork. A medium cut pad will work on medium scratches whilst a fine cut pad will work on fine scratches. A micro-cut or ultra-fine cut pad will work on super fine scratches as well as holograms on the surface. We recommend always starting with a medium or fine pad, you will then know whether a coarser pad is needed.

Wool polishing pads are rougher than foam pads with a superior cutting effect. They are generally made from synthetic or natural wool fibres and require a lot of skill to use and maintain their condition. Lambswool has the highest abrasiveness and is therefore ideally suited for removing the effects of severe weathering, deep scratches and sanding traces. They are optimally suited to working with heavy cut compounds.

Microfibre polishing pads are made from long or short fibres usually attached to a firm backing plate such as foam or cloth. Microfibre is less capable of absorbing residue but provides more friction and pressure during the polishing process. Generally, microfibres contour easily to all surfaces, including curved, with superb cutting power. 

Glass polishing pads are specially designed to use on glass surfaces without scratching or damaging. Paint is much softer than glass and is therefore much easier to correct.
Glass is harder but more fragile and therefore correction is not easy and the right tools must be used. CARPRO glass rayon polishing pads have a high cutting power with minimal heat in use.