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Having a high quality car wash mitt is one of the most important parts of hand cleaning your vehicle. Luckily, we've got a huge range of some of the highest quality car wash mitts so you can be safe in the knowledge you're using the very best on your car. With brands such as Auto Finesse, CARPRO, Chemical Guys, Gtechniq, and Microfiber Madness, you’re guaranteed to find a wash mitt that works for you.

Our range of microfibre wash mitts are great for scratch-free cleaning. A regular sponge has a flat, hard surface that is prone to scratching paintwork. A soaked microfibre wash mitt can lift dirt from the surface and hold it in the fibres until the mitt is rinsed. The use of a grit guard in the bottom of your bucket will be crucial in aiding you in this! Simply rub the mitt along the grit guard and the dirt will filter into the bottom of your bucket and stay away from the bodywork of your vehicle.

The Microfiber Madness Incredimitt provides an unbeatable washing experience even on bad maintained surfaces with a special gliding fibre interlaced throughout. Including a built in sponge for extra water absorption during the washing process. Featuring a special holding strap at the bottom of the mitt to prevent it slipping off your hand. The lining of the mitt is made of smooth bed-linen quality for maximum comfort during use. With a snug fit, high quality cuff embroidered with the Microfiber Madness logo to finish off the perfect Incredimitt. Washer / dryer safe and comes packed in resealable zipper bag for dust-free, safe storage!

The Auto Finesse Plush Wash Mitt features an ultra-deep, smooth-glide microfibre weave perfect to pamper your vehicle with. The Plush Mitt is constructed from a range of fluffy microfibre strands in a variety of lengths that work together to not only glide smoothly, but to lift and lock away grime without the risk of contaminants being dragged across the surface. With anti-marring properties for scratch-free washing. Designed with ultra-absorbent core specifically designed to soak up the maximum amount shampoo. Internal finger compartments provide increased control and the elasticated cuff allows for a snug, comfortable fit.