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After multiple uses, polishing and buffing cloths can become full of polish residue, wax residue, oils, small paint particles, and often dirt particles and mineral deposits. Bottom line is they can get very dirty! It is important to clean your towels and cloths properly in order to maintain them and keep their performance levels high. So how do you clean a buffing cloth or drying towel? 

Most cloths and towels are machine washable but it is important not to wash microfibre cloths and towels with foam polishing pads as fibres can become loose and stick to the foam. Microfibre wash is a great product that will help to loosen contaminants and polish residue from microfibres. 

Microfibre is composed of polyester and polyamides. Polyester is the primary fiber and designed to absorb oils while polyamides are designed to absorb water. When using microfibre cloths to remove hazed wax or sealant, the fibres become coated in oils and this inhibits the microfiber from absorbing water, simply pushing it around the surface.  

CARPRO MFX Microfiber Detergent is a microfibre and polishing pad detergent will put an end to the struggle with dirty microfibre towels and pads. CARPRO MFX is designed to remove oils, wax, and dirt from your microfibres and restore their performance after every wash.  

Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash is a effective and safe cleaning detergent for all your microfibre towels and accessories. Regular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergent is harmful to the microfibre. Many strong retail detergents will damage the absorbency of towels, here's where Chemical guys have stepped up to the plate!