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Don't underestimate the power of a decent electric car polisher machine. Our fantastic range of car polishing machines is ideal for giving your car a professional, glossy finish to be proud of.  

Machine polishers are used in detailing to remove scratches and imperfections from the paintwork with the help of a cutting compound and pad. Scratches and swirls can occur on your vehicle’s surface due to contamination during the wash process such as grit rubbed across the paintwork or improper drying. Machine polishers will cut through these imperfections and smooth the paintwork down to a level that is ready for the application of a wax or sealant. 

Polishing by hand is a long and tedious process and you would probably prefer to limit yourself to smaller areas when doing so. Using a machine polisher for paint correction will give the best and quickest results. Depending on the level and depth of the scratches, you would normally start with a heavy to medium compound and then refine all the way to a fine polish or finishing compound. We have a huge variety of polishers from rotary and DA (Dual Action) to forced rotation and random orbital with hugely popular brands such as FLEX and RUPES. 

The backing pad on a forced rotation polisher follows an orbit based on the distance between the rotation axis of the drive shaft and the central axis of the pad. This machine has a set rotation speed and for each rotation there is a fixed number of orbits which will not deviate producing this scalloped action. Applying pressure to the machine will not stop it rotating or orbiting as the gears will keep it driving constantly on this motion. It is generally regarded as one of the easiest machines to use as it is the least technique dependent due to its fixed dual action movement. 

A Random orbital machine comes in different ‘throws’ usually from 8-21mm. The longer the throw, potentially, the more the machine can cut and cover a bigger area of the surface. Larger orbits generally have larger pads, so a smaller throw of 8mm can be less aggressive than one with a 21mm throw, although rotational speed can influence this. Random Orbital Polishers have a free rotating spindle that helps prevent heat build-up burning through the clearcoat/paint.