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Decontamination Cloths & Pads

  • £16.24

    Farecla G3 Deep Clean Clay Mitt


    This reusable clay mitt from Farecla uses advanced rubber polymer technology to remove ingrained dirt, bugs, tar spots and dulling pollutants from ...

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  • £21.84

    CARPRO Polyshave Decontamination Clay Towel


    *We are in the process of updating our product photos, the colour of this cloth is now orange* CARPRO Polyshave Decontamination Towel is a simple a...

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  • £13.20

    CARPRO PolyShave Pad (6")


    The CARPRO PolyShave Pad is a polishing pad designed to deep clean paint and glass in less time and with less effort than a traditional clay bar. C...

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  • £36.00

    Malco Kozak Clay Wash Mitt


    Designed with advanced clay polymer technology, this wash mitt essentially replaces the use of traditional clay bars. Not only will you be able to ...

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Clay bars are an engineered resin compound that can be synthetic or natural. Similar to putty or modelling clay, detailing clay bars can be moulded and shaped in a way that works best for you! We also have a range of decontamination pads and cloths. These work in a similar way to clay bars but are easier to use – simply spray a clay lube onto the cloth and work over the surface of your vehicle.

Detailing clay mitts are designed to cut through and remove heavier detailing contaminants that aren’t removed in the initial wash stage. Things like paint overspray, brake dust, rust, tar spots and more get collected up into the clay for a smoother finish after washing. These contaminants, if left unremoved, pierce the paintwork to become lodged in to your paintwork and therefore stick to your vehicle ultimately damaging it over time. The only way to remove these stubborn contaminants would be to use a clay bar or cloth which either pulls the contaminant out of the paintwork or cuts them down to smoothen the surface of your paintwork.

Decontamination cloths are designed to be used with a special lubricant or detailer spray. There act like a thin film of protection on the surface of your paintwork, preventing the clay from sticking and potentially damaging the bodywork. Clay lubes make the use of clay a lot easier as they help the clay glide over the surface of the paintwork. Without the lubricant, the clay will simply stick.

CARPRO Polyshave Decontamination Towel is a simple and fast method to remove contaminants from the surface of exterior automotive finishes and glass. With advanced Rubber Polymer Technology bonded to a 12" x 12" Microfiber towel you have another excellent option from CARPRO for eliminating the need for detailing clay. Decontamination of the paint surface is critical to proper auto care for a multitude of reasons. You want to remove all contaminants before polishing so you can work on a clean canvas rather than dragging tiny contaminants across the paint during the polishing phase. Using the CARPRO Polyshave towel you can remove the above surface bonded contaminants and use Iron X to remove anything below the surface of the paint as well.