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We sell a range of air fresheners that will help keep the inside of your vehicle smelling as fresh as it is after all your hard work cleaning it! Our air fresheners range from hanging air fresheners, to sprays and interior odour eliminating bombs. From brands such as our own Slim’s Detailing range, to Chemical Guys, Angelwax, Bilt Hamber, and California Scents we can help keep your interior looking and smelling cleaner than ever. Find the perfect scent for your car’s cabin at Slim's with the perfect finishing touch to a well cleaned & detailed car, the cherry on top if you like. 

Hanging air fresheners add a nice touch to your vehicle’s inside and are also great for hanging in customers’ cars once you’ve finished with them. Typically, a hanging air freshener will last around 3-6 weeks and, with many designs to choose from, they not only smell great but look great too! Our Slim’s Detailing hanging air fresheners are designed in house and often limited for special offers and events.  

Our hanging air fresheners are available from brands such as CARPRO and Poorboys plus our very own Slim’s Detailing ones. We often have a special edition holiday air freshener available at Christmas and Easter etc. Long lasting fragrances to leave your vehicle smelling fresh for weeks with a special scent releasing technology. You must make sure you hang them freely though! You don’t want any fragrance oil residues to stain your interior surfaces. 

CARPRO turned the scent of their Eraser into an easy, compact, long lasting mini bottle for you to use as an air freshener. Hang this little bottle from your rearview mirror, clip it to air vents (with the handy provided clip), or stand it upright. Longer lasting scent than a card design with the added benefit of looking smart and showing off your brand loyalty! 

Our Slim’s Detailing cologne fragrance hanging air fresheners have been carefully selected by us for a long-lasting fragrance to eliminate any bad smells. Choose between one of the 5 individual scents or a multi pack of 10 (2 of each scent).