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Polish out paint scratches and remove old and oxidised paint with any one of our professional grade cutting compounds. Rejuvenate paintwork and restore your vehicle to its showroom shine. Polishing compounds come in several different grades ranging from heavy cut to micro cut. Different grades of polish will provide different results and the softness of the vehicle’s paint will also have an effect on the finished result.

An ultra-fine cut polish will repair super light imperfections such as holograms and swirl marks in your paintwork. Typically, the lighter the cut the higher the gloss and using an ultra-fine polishing compound will provide an excellent finish on vehicle paintwork. An ultra-fine polish is excellent for the polishing of particular surfaces, like those of prototypes and showroom cars, and whenever an excellent finishing and polish is required.

3M Perfect-It™ III Extra Fine Cutting Compound is ideal for the removal of light scratches providing an excellent high gloss finish. This compound is easy to apply, the 3M Perfect-It™ Range has been designed to enable virtually any paint defect rectification work to be carried out with ease and confidence. This cutting compound is the ideal solution for removing medium swirl marks, defects and light scratches prior to final polishing. Less aggressive than other compounds in the range, it is incredibly easy to use - even for beginners. Providing a high gloss finish, 3M Perfect-It III Extra Fine Cutting Compound will remove unwanted marks to leave vehicles looking as good as the day they left the showroom.

RUPES Uno Pure Ultra Finishing Polish is a universally compatible, ultra-fine abrasive polish designed to work with all tool types; rotary, random orbital, or gear driven orbital. The product has been formulated in RUPES own laboratory using the very latest in abrasive technology producing the best possible deep shine and finish when used in conjunction with the BigFoot system and pads. The product is not designed around any fillers so the finish you achieve will last and be reflective of the paint finish on your vehicle. Ideal for very soft or haze-prone paints or can be used in jeweling applications to create a show car finish, even on dark colours. For best results use with RUPES white finishing foam pads.