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Take it back to the basics – everyone needs a trusty wash bucket! The best equipment is key to a thorough wash job and a decent bucket (or 3!) is essential. We sell a variety of buckets from brands such as Martin Cox, Auto Finesse, Chemical Guys, Meguiar’s, Koch Chemie and more! You can choose your favourite brand and stick with it or mix and match your buckets to colour code them per job.

Grit guards will prevent dirt from getting caught up in your wash mitt and scratching paintwork. Grit guards are a kind of grill that is designed to sit a few inches above the bottom of your bucket in order to trap dirt and grit that falls off your wash mitt. This allows you to avoid scratching and marring the paintwork by rubbing grit particles back onto the surface. Wash like a pro and try out one of our bucket and grit guard combos or check out our other bucket accessories like stickers and washboards!

The Meguiar's Bucket comes with a grit guard insert which helps to prevent unwanted scratches and swirl marks on delicate paint surfaces. Small particles of dirt and debris are filtered through the grit guard into the bottom of the bucket to avoid them being rubbed across the surface of the paint. When dunking your wash mitt into the bucket to get more suds, make sure to rub it against the grit guard to loosen the dirt particles and leave them in the bucket.

The Detail Guardz Dirtlock Scrub Wall Attachment attaches to your Dirtlock bucket filter to provide 180 degrees of dirt trapping coverage! This vertical extension of the Dirtlock's pressurised cleaning power easily snaps onto your Dirtlock to thoroughly trap grit and dirt. Expertly clean wheel brushes, wash mitts and more without having to sacrifice much bucket space. Simply scrub your wash mitt down the side of the scrub wall to remove debris and provide cleaner, filtered water for reuse.

Our Slim’s Detailing Bucket Stickers help to separate your buckets with the 'Wash', 'Rinse' & 'Wheels' labels. Never again, will your wash mitt accidentally drop into the wrong bucket - helping you keep your cleaning process meticulous as always. Take your cleaning routine to the next level.