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Polish out paint scratches and remove old and oxidised paint with any one of our professional grade cutting compounds. Rejuvenate paintwork and restore your vehicle to its showroom shine. Polishing compounds come in several different grades ranging from heavy cut to micro cut. Different grades of polish will provide different results and the softness of the vehicle’s paint will also have an effect on the finished result.

A medium cut polish will repair medium imperfections such as surfaces scratches and swirl marks. Typically, the higher the cut the lower the gloss although intensive research into formulations have been able to make huge improvements in the finish of heavy and medium cut polishes. It is still recommended to refine down the scale. For example, after using a heavy cut, move onto a medium cut before finishing with a finishing compound for the ultimate paintwork appearance.

Malco Epic Medium Duty Compound is formulated for use with orbital polishers for a dust-free application and a brilliant finish. Easy to use and capable of correcting most minor flaws. This correcting and polishing fusion removes up to P2500 sand scratches and polishes to a deep gloss all in one step.

Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 is a highly effective, water-based polish (free from silicones and fillers) designed for use with all paint type. This polish contains diminishing abrasives and lubricant which allows it to work longer; breaking down and removing visible blemishes, scratches, marks, and marring from the paint surface. Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 removes surface imperfections and leaves a nice glow meaning it can be used as a one-step correctional polish. This product works faster in the medium polish segment thanks to higher abrasiveness, and has a bit more power in the medium polishing process with an even better cut than the standard polish. Can be used by hand or on Dual Action or Rotary Polishers.

Angelwax Regenerate Medium Polishing Compound has been formulated to remove and correct medium to heavy scratches on your vehicle. Not only that, but it works to remove swirl marks, paint defects, sanding and imperfection marks up to 2500 grade. As with the Resurrection Polishing Compound, Regenerate is silicone free and is suitable for all paint types.