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Give your vehicle the shine it deserves with our wide range of great value professional car polishing products. There’s something for everyone and every vehicle. Remove scratches and swirl marks with our high-grade polishes and applicator pads. Look through our range of car polish and swirl remover products to give your car the extra shine it deserves. Use our car body polishing tools to apply our superb polishing pastes and pre-wax cleaners. We have car polish products from brands such as Meguiar’s, Auto Glym and CARPRO.

Under the category of polishing we have clay bars and clay lubes, compounds ranging from ultra-fine to coarse cut, an array of polishing pads. We also have part specific polishes – metal polish, glass polish, all-in-one polish. Wet sanding also falls under this category with sanding sheets, blocks, and pads all available.

Detailing clay is designed to cut through and remove heavier detailing contaminants that aren’t removed in the initial wash stage. Things like paint overspray, brake dust, rust, tar spots and more get collected up into the clay for a smoother finish after washing. These contaminants, if left unremoved, pierce the paintwork to become lodged in to your paintwork and therefore stick to your vehicle ultimately damaging it over time. The only way to remove these stubborn contaminants would be to use a clay bar which either pulls the contaminant out of the paintwork or cuts them down to smoothen the surface of your paintwork.

Polish out paint scratches and remove old and oxidised paint with any one of our professional grade cutting compounds. Rejuvenate paintwork and restore your vehicle to its show room shine. Koch Chemie are constantly progressing with the industry to make new, scratch-resistant paint systems with polishes in demand to do more and more. The increased use of random orbital machines such as the RUPES BigFoot for defect correction has influenced this evolution of the polishing system. With improved cut and continued high gloss, the Koch Chemie polishing system is a must have!

All In One (AIO) paint polishes are the perfect solution for quick and easy polishing. They are ideal to be used by car enthusiasts and those who are looking for a quick and speedy polish application. All In One polishes are easy to apply but also leave a great shine and add a protective layer when used correctly.