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Detailing isn’t all about the outside, sometimes it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Your interior is made up of a lot of materials – carpet floors and mats, fabric or leather seats, plastic or vinyl dash, leather dash, wood dash, touchscreens! The list goes on. We provide a variety of specialty cleaners and protectants for all these different surfaces to ensure they are looked after in the best way possible.

When you vacuum the interior of your vehicle, only the surface dirt is extracted, there is bound to be dirt that has sunk deeper into the fabric. Fabric and carpet cleaners work to get deep into fibres in order release deeper dirt, bringing it to the surface for removal. Upholstery brushes are also great in order to agitate stubborn dirt for a more thorough, intensive clean.

Leather cleaners are specifically designed to clean leather in a way that is gentle and safe for the delicate material. Leather cleaners are able to remove dirt, grime, oils, and other contaminants without affecting the appearance of the surface. Some leather cleaners are also able to restore faded leather back to original factory appearance. Others are formulated with a combined protectant in order to provide a future barrier against harmful UV rays.

Plastic, vinyl, and rubber can also be susceptible to fading due to sun exposure. We provide a variety of cleaners that will remove dust, oils, and other sticky residues that can be found inside vehicles. We also have a range of protectants that can provide a barrier against future dust, dirt, and even UV rays to keep your interior dash and trim looking like new.

We sell a range of air fresheners that will help keep the inside of your vehicle smelling as fresh as it is after all your hard work cleaning it! Our air fresheners range from hanging air fresheners, to sprays and interior odour eliminating bombs. From brands such as our own Slim’s Detailing range, to Chemical Guys, Angelwax, Bilt Hamber, and California Scents we can help keep your interior looking and smelling cleaner than ever.