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COVID 19 Update - 29.4.20 We cannot guarantee next day delivery - Allow 3 working days from purchase
COVID 19 Update - 29.4.20 We cannot guarantee next day delivery - Allow 3 working days from purchase

Interior Dressings

  • from £7.46

    Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer

    Auto Finesse

    Auto Finesse Spritz is the perfect interior dressing for those times when you simply want to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand...

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    from £7.46
  • from £18.75

    Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer


    C4 utilises a covalent or chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule it's protecting. Not to be confused with much weaker electro...

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    from £18.75
  • from £9.15

    Poorboy's Natural Look


    Natural Look is a water based interior dressing and cleaner, with a patented UV absorber for protection, and leaves that "new look" on vinyl and le...

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    from £9.15
  • £10.83

    303 Aerospace Protectant (473ml)

    Slims Detailing

    If you're looking for the best sun screen for your car, then look no further because here at Slim's we are now selling 303 Aerospace Protectant, wh...

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  • £6.05

    Gtechniq C6 Antibacterial Matte Dash (100ml)


    Gtechniq's C6 Antibacterial Matte Dash is designed to protect your dashboard and interior including leather, vinyl, plastics and rubber. Not suitab...

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  • £24.00

    Instafinish Premium Clear Dressing (One Gallon)


    Fast drying, clear, high gloss, solvent base exterior/interior dressing. Leaves a weather resistant coating on tires, bumpers and trim. Contains co...

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  • from £8.74

    Chemical Guys Natural Shine

    Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys Natural Shine Protectant Dressing restores and protects your rubber, vinyl, and plastic interior and exterior trim. The unique formul...

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    from £8.74
  • £9.17

    Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer


    Want the secret to super fast interior cleaning? Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer. The fastest way to clean all interior surfaces. Maintains the lo...

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  • £6.66

    Angelwax AnGel Plastic & Interior Dressing (500ml)


    Angelwax AnGel is a water-based, pH neutral, silicone-free formula designed to quickly and easily clean and protect interior plastics & vinyl. ...

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  • £14.50

    303 Fabric Guard (473ml)

    Slims Detailing

    If you have a variety of outdoor fabrics that you want to protect from water, dirt, grease and sun damage then you'll want to have 303 Fabric Guard...

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  • £24.17

    Swissvax Quick Interior Finish (250ml)


    Swissvax Quick Interior Finish easily maintains the look and feel of vehicle interiors. Removing dirt, ashes, dust fingerprints etc. from plastics,...

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  • £9.96

    Angelwax Shield Soft Top and Fabric Protector


    Angelwax Shield works as a stain repellent and has been formulated to safeguard fabrics both inside and outside of your vehicle. For the use on con...

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  • £15.50

    Angelwax Enigma Interno


    Angelwax Enigma Interno is an interior ceramic trim dressing designed using the latest ceramic technology. Enigma Interno is a hydrophobic dressing...

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  • £24.16

    Swissvax Fine Wood Polish (50ml)


    Interior applications made from fine wood require special care. Mostly these are enhanced and protected with multiple thin layers of clear lacquer....

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  • £40.00

    Swissvax Quick Interior Finish


    Swissvax Quick Interior Finish will keep the interior of your vehicle in top condition - just the way we all like it! You can remove dirt, ash, dus...

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  • £25.64

    Angelwax Enigma Trinity


    Angelwax Enigma Trinity is a Ceramic Leather Coating that is specially designed to add a layer of protection to a leather interior to keep if like ...

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  • £9.16

    CarPro SO2Pure Odor Eliminator


    CarPro SO2Pure is a nano-scale TiO2 based photocatalytic automotive interior coating, which represents a huge leap forward in air purification tech...

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  • £9.27

    Koch Chemie Gummifix

    Koch Chemie

    Koch Chemie Gummifix is a non-slip interior plastic care product that restores a 'like-new' look to interior surfaces. Designed for use on rubber f...

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  • £73.69

    Angelwax Enigma Shield


    Angelwax Enigma Shield is a ceramic fabric coating particularly suited to convertible hoods and interior fabrics. Once sprayed over the fabric to b...

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  • £17.25

    Instafinish Dress All (Gallon)


    Instafinish Dress All is a premium, high gloss dressing which helps to prevent drying, cracking, fading, and hardening of rubber, plastic, and viny...

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