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Having a decent bottle to spray your detailing products from is essential to getting a decent, even spread over the panels. Our great range of car detailing spray bottles are great for giving you the result you need. Our spray bottles can be found from a variety of brands such as Gtechniq, CARPRO, Auto Finesse, Koch Chemie, Slim’s Detailing and more! If you buy in bulk, a spray bottle can help you decant product from a larger container into something more portable for on-the-go detailing.

We also have a range of spray heads - chemical resistant and non-chemical resistant for all your ready-to-use needs. As well as drum caps and dispenser pumps for easy use with larger containers of products. Why not take a look at our ratio stickers too? Simply fit them to the side of your spray bottle or bucket for the perfect dilution measurement. The innovative CARPRO Plastic Measure Cup is a new and precise way to measure concentrated products for perfect dilution! With the quick and easy "screw on & squeeze" design, you can accurately measure out the amount of product you need.

CARPRO Dilute Mixing Bottle are designed by detailers for detailers! Perfect for diluting all your bulk products into. These multi-ratio dilution bottles are available in 500ml and 1 Litre, both containing the required dilutions pre-printed for all your favourite products. Simply fill with water to the desired dilution ratio, then top up to the fill line with product and give it a good shake to mix. Ratios range from 1:1 to 1:30 with space to write the product name and dilution ratio on the label! 

The Slim’s Detailing Dual Action Trigger Sprayer not only sprays when the trigger is pressed, but also on release, giving you double the outcome in one go. Time-saving for those with a busy schedule and for all the professional cleaners and detailers looking to make their lives a little easier. Complete with Viton seals, which are resistant to all those lovely cleaning chemicals and solutions.

If diluting products in spray bottles, please note that some products can foam up when water agitates them which will affect your ability to give a true dilution ratio. It is recommended to pour water into your spray bottle first and then add the required product so that you can be sure the dilution is more precise.