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Slim's Rewards

Ever wanted to choose your own discount?

We've built a unique rewards scheme designed to give you total control over how you pay. We want to reward you for spending, recommending your friends & anything else positive you want to do with Slim's. It's a two way relationship! When you've built up a collection of points, use the slider at the checkout to choose how many you want to use, effectively choosing your own discount. You can save some for later or use the whole lot in one go, it's your move.

Slim's Rewards - How does it all work?

How to spend my points

After your first order with us, reward points are automatically assigned to your account.

Once your order has been shipped your reward points will appear in your account. 

To spend your points follow the below steps

Step 1
Click on the red "Slim's Rewards" button that can be found in the bottom right of your screen (you can access this through out the site).

Step 2
Click on "Ways to redeem".

Step 3
Select how many points you would like to spend by moving the slider. Hit Redeem.
Step 4
Now click on "Apply code". Once you see the button flash up with a tick you are good to go. 
Step 5
Your code will automatically be applied for you when you checkout
Pretty simple!

The Rules

We do limit a few things, so people can't go click wild & earn points for products they may have never used. Each account is limited to 3 actions of each of the above per day. If a customer signs up and doesn't purchase anything at all, but attempts to build a credit and abuse the system - we reserve the right to remove points from that account. 

Points per £1 spent are allocated on the sub-total before VAT.

Please note - you can not redeem Slim's Loyalty Points when purchasing gift vouchers. 

*All unredeemed points will expire on a rolling basis for customers who have not engaged in points activity for 1 year (365 days).


For all other questions on the scheme, feel free to contact for support.