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Have you got a special occasion coming up? Christmas? Birthday? Valentine’s Day? Father’s Day? Looking for the perfect gift for the detailer in your life? Then look no further. Our gifts and kits category will help you find what you’re looking for. We've got a great range of car cleaning kits and car cleaning gifts for all levels. From starter packs to professional kits, we've got you covered.

Our Slim’s Detailing Gift Voucher is an ideal gift for any detailer. A gift voucher with Slim's gives them the keys to our vast car care superstore - eligible to use on any product we sell online. Give your loved one a huge choice and be sure to keep them and their car happy! Gift vouchers are perfect when you aren’t quite sure what to buy and they’re guaranteed to be well received.

Why not take a look at our ValetPRO Brushes Kit? This is a gift that will be appreciated by any detailer because you can never have too many detailing brushes! The kit includes the ValetPRO Chemical Resistant Wheel Brush which is designed for cleaning the wheels of your vehicle and will not become damaged by any chemicals you may use. The ValetPRO Dash Brush; a pure boar's hair brush and is ideal for dusting and cleaning into difficult-to-get-to areas on a dash around switches, seams, and air vents. Plus the ValetPRO Large Sash Brush which is perfect for helping to agitate areas of the car while you detail such as door shuts, body trim, car grills, engines, and badges.

The CARPRO Cube Sample Kit is a fantastic gift set featuring 16 50ml bottles of CARPRO favourites. This is a great way to test out all 16 liquid products without committing to the price of the larger bottles. This handy package is perfect to give you that taste of CARPRO at an amazing value.

The Swissvax Leather Forte Care Kit includes everything you need to thoroughly clean, refresh, and protect nappa leather interiors quickly and easily. Effortlessly but thoroughly clean and protect leathers, maintaining the natural moisture and preventing damage from UV radiation. Comes in a handy kit bag which adds a nice touch as present for a loved one.