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Grit Guards

  • £13.00

    Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert

    Chemical Guys

    Have Chemical Guys come up with the grit guard killer? The Cyclone Dirt Trap bucket insert sits at the bottom of your bucket(s) while you wash filt...

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  • £3.95

    Bucket Barrier

    Martin Cox

    To get those particles out of your sponge or mitt, you need the Bucket Barrier. The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of any 5 gallon bucket...

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  • £7.98

    Grit Guard Insert


    Use Grit Guards to get the most out of your wash! Once inserted into the bottom of any standard 12” bucket, the grit guard will ensure that all the...

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  • £14.95

    Detail Guardz Dirt Lock

    Detail Guardz

    Place your Detail Guardz Dirtlock in the bottom of your wash buckets to prevent car scratches and swirls. Protect your car's paint whilst washing b...

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  • £10.98

    Grit Guard Washboard

    Grit Guard

    Introducing, the exclusive wingman to your grit guard! Working in conjunction with the Grit Guard Insert in your wash bucket to separate the grit f...

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