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Bug Remover

  • from £9.95

    Auto Finesse Citrus Power - Bug & Grime Remover

    Auto Finesse

    Make light work of bugs on the front of your car with Citrus Power bug and grime remover, and take care of road grime from the grubbier areas to wi...

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    from £9.95
  • from £6.00

    Gtechniq W8 Bug Remover


    All NEW Gtechniq Bug Remover V2 in 500ml and 250ml. the new formula is even better than the previous popular W8 Bug Remover. Bug splatter is one of...

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    from £6.00
  • from £9.98

    CARPRO Bug Out Insect Cleaner


    A no-splash foam, designed to dissolve insect marks fast! The perfect solution for one of the greatest detriments to automotive finishes - bugs! Sa...

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    from £9.98
  • £19.94

    Instafinish Bug Away (One Gallon)


    Bug Away is an excellent solution to dried, squashed bugs on windshields, grilles, hoods, bumpers and headlights. Dried bug fluids and bug bodies a...

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  • £9.95

    Poorboy's Bird Sh#t Remover


    Yes, you've read it correctly, nothing like getting straight to the point! The fastest and safest way to remove Bird Sh#t or Droppings, Bugs, Sap, ...

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  • Koch Chemie Insect and Dirt Remover
    from £10.49

    Koch Chemie Insect and Dirt Remover

    Koch Chemie

    Koch Chemie 'Insektenentferner' Insect and Dirt Remover is a mild-alkaline specialised cleaner for the safe removal of dead insects from your paint...

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    from £10.49
  • £10.36

    Poorboy's Bug Squash


    Fast, Safe, and easy way to remove Bug debris, tar, road grime, winter salt and sand from car, trucks, motorcycles, planes, boats, and RVs. Use it ...

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  • £9.00

    Stjarnagloss Tjara Tar and Bug Remover, 500ml


    Stjarnagloss Tjara Tar and Bug Remover is a powerful tar remover that uses natural orange oil rather than strong solvents. Simply spray onto the ta...

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  • £8.20

    Angelwax Revenge Bug and Insect Remover


    Angelwax Revenge Bug and Insect Remover is specially designed to remove insect splatter and stubborn bug stains from exterior painted surfaces with...

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  • £14.42

    Malco Bug-Off


    Malco Bug-Off is ideal for loosening dried bugs from your windshield, bonnet, bumper, and grills. Motorway driving can bring out the worst of bug m...

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  • £10.00

    Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Shampoo

    Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys Bug & Tar Remover is a heavy-duty cleaner that safely washes bugs and tar from any vehicle. Squashed bugs on your paintwork conta...

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