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Check out our range of work lights that are designed to make your detailing life brighter – literally! LED work lights are powerful enough to light up most spaces and enable you to work longer hours especially through the winter months. Our lights can also help detect scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s surface for accurate paint correction. 

The Scangrip I-Match 2 is a rechargeable head light that provides a very powerful spread of light over your workspace to lighten your entire field of view. In sensor mode, the light can easily be switched on by you waving your hand in front of the lamp - even if you're wearing gloves! The light is designed with new rechargeable battery technology with long operating time.  

Larger work lights include the Scangrip Multimatch range. The Scangrip Multimatch 3 is a powerful, rechargeable, LED worklight providing up to 3000 lumen for inspection of large surfaces during polishing, painting, and cleaning operations plus colour matching. Featuring an 'all daylight' function providing you with the option to choose between 5 different colour temperatures. The 5-step dimmer function makes it possible to adjust the light into five different levels depending on the job at hand. 

The Scangrip Multimatch R is a handy and powerful work light for inspection and detailing. The Multimatch R provides up to 1200 lumen featuring an all daylight function which allows you to choose between 5 different colour temperatures depending on the job. The light is small and lightweight making it extremely portable. Ergonomically designed for a good grip on the handle, which is also equipped with powerful integrated magnets for mounting. This gives you high flexibility and application possibilities for internal inspection of cars and other narrow areas. Designed for direct mounting on the Scangrip Tripod and Wheel Stand. A rechargeable built-in power bank with USB outlet makes it possible to charge mobile devices. 

We also have a range of light accessories such as tripods, mounts, and work light kits. 

The SCANGRIP Wheel Stand is designed for the mobile positioning of your SCANGRIP light in your workspace. The stand is on wheels so it is easy to move to where you need it and avoid you having to do any heavy lifting to get more light. It is quick and easy to position the work light onto the Wheel Stand, and, once mounted, the light can be angled to suit your needs.