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Waterless Car Wash Products are an effective way to get rid of dirt and grime helping you clean, shine, and protect in one swipe of a microfibre cloth! Brands such as Chemical Guys, Meguiar’s, Bilt Hamber, and CarPro have stepped into the world of waterless wash to help customers keep on top of their cars that aren’t so heavily soiled. Designed to suspend dirt and debris from paintwork, waterless wash allows you to safely remove contamination without scratching the paintwork.

Waterless wash is perfect to clean a lightly contaminated vehicle between full details. Also ideal for show cars that need a quick sprucing up to detail away any dirt collected on the way to a show. Waterless wash tends to have lubricants in it to help glide the wash mitt or microfibre towel gently over the surface to remove dirt and grime without scratching sensitive surfaces.

Cleaning your car without the use of a hose is perfect for urban environments, when the weather is too hot for soapy suds on paintwork, when the weather is too cold for you to be using a hose, or when you just want to stay in your garage and spruce up your vehicle. Eliminate the water, save time, save the planet.